Frank Sinatra and His Impact On Music

Frank Sinatra Vinyl Record - The Concert Sinatra

Frank Sinatra has without a doubt left an enduring legacy on the world of music. In death his music remains ever popular with his voice and style remaining a constant in the memory of the old and the young.

Asked to name the artist singing in a blind listening test its unlikely few would fail to recognise Sinatra’s voice.

With a music career that stretched from 1935 to 1995 few can match the mans longevity.

Not content with just music Sinatra also appeared in many films winning an Oscar for his appearance in From Here To Eternity in which he played a recording artist recovering his career.

To date Sinatra has sold in excess of 37 million albums with the US, UK and Germany being his best selling regions.

Frank Sinatra’s vinyl records remain ardently popular and hugely collectible. Many of his vinyl recordings now regularly sell for in excess of £100.

After a short stint with a job at a newspaper Sinatra began his career as a singer in 1935. Many of his early appearances he actually made for free.

In many ways the man remains somewhat of an enigma not helped with an at times strained relationship with the news media. This has made it difficult to discern the stars true character. As though with all human beings they are imperfect and one can find as many bad things said about him as good.

One thing for sure Sinatra had a huge cohort of friends that included the great and the good. From Presidents to movie stars his associations were glittering. David Niven, a great friend of Sinatra’s, described him as generous to a fault and often generous in unexpected ways that did not always include the obvious aspects such as money.

If you’re new to this star or are perhaps looking for someone old that you’d like to get into Sinatra is a great place to start. Just checkout this performance below with Count Basie. It’s hard to fault this kind of timeless talent.

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